srlearn API

Core Classes

These classes form the set of core pieces for describing the data, providing background knowledge, and learning.

Database() Database of examples and facts.
Background([modes, ok_if_unknown, bridgers, …]) Background Knowledge for a database.
rdn.BoostedRDN([background, target, …]) Relational Dependency Networks Estimator
rdn.BoostedRDNRegressor([background, …]) Relational Dependency Networks Regressor

Data Sets

example_data A BoostSRL database with the “Toy-Cancer” dataset.


Some of these are for behind-the-scenes operations, but tend to be useful for further development (contributions are welcome!).

base.BaseBoostedRelationalModel([…]) Base class for deriving boosted relational models
system_manager.FileSystem() BoostSRL File System
plotting.export_digraph(booster[, …]) Create a digraph representation of a tree.
plotting.plot_digraph(dot_string[, format]) Plot a digraph as an image.
system_manager.reset([soft]) Reset the FileSystem

Deprecated boostsrl objects

This is the old API style that has been deprecated. It is no longer tested or actively developed and is pending removal in 0.6.0.

srlearn.boostsrl (Deprecated) boostsrl class for training and testing.